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The Music of Persia Instrumental

Exploring the Rich Traditions of 19th Century Music from Persia

"The Music of Persia" is a profound journey into the heart of Iran's musical heritage, reverently crafted by three master musicians: Saeed Farajpoory on Kamanche, Amir Koushkani on Tar, and Hamin Honari on Tombak. This project is a tribute to the ancient musical traditions of Persia, a time when Iran was untouched by Western musical influences. The trio's performance is reminiscent of the traditional ensembles that graced the royal courts of Persia, particularly during the Qajar era. Their repertoire comprises both historical pieces and compositions by revered masters like Jalil Shahnaz, who were themselves direct disciples of musicians from the Qajar courts.

The Music of Persia not only showcases the intricate beauty of Persian music but also acts as a portal to a bygone era, evoking the spirit of simpler times imbued with rich, deep musical expression. Through their art, the trio seeks to transport audiences back to the roots of Persian culture, where music was not just entertainment but a vital part of the societal fabric. This project is more than a concert; it's a cultural experience that aims to preserve and celebrate the unique sounds of Persia's musical history.

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